artist. activist. creator. light. healer.


My mission and desire is to align the ideals of my highest self to the work that I do on this earth. My work and passion bisect by way of dance, theatre, education, curating music, working with children in the community, cooking nutritious meals for homeless queer youth, caring for our environment, mentoring young dancers, gardening, being a joyous Black woman, leading by example, etc. All in which create and heal our world. Our world, being the billions of personal, dynamic, entangled spheres we maneuver daily. People meeting people, people seeing people, people hearing people. Through art, awareness, expression, social and political un-learning and un-conditioning, self ACTUALIZATION! through radical UNCONDITIONAL LOVE and understanding, we are (re)building strong communities and expanding the way we see each other. THIS journey is my destination. Thank YOU for being on this journey with me. We’re only getting better and better!

Always, Sable

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